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We have a range of offers for primary school classes, as well as many online resources available free of charge.


Visits and Resources for Primary Schools

Bring your class to visit Cromford Mills where our focused sessions will support your curriculum and a distinct and memorable historic setting. Our two most popular sessions are Children of The Mills which explores our Georgian history and Wonderful Waterwheels which explores the history and technology behind waterpower then and now.


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Bring your class to Cromford Mills for a memorable and educational day out. Our session looking at Richard Arkwright explores how this local entrepreneur changed history.

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These resources are free of charge and designed to introduce Cromford Mills to your pupils in an immersive, visual way. They can also be used as pre-visit activities.

Watch our videos to meet our mill workers Mrs Froggott and Mrs Henstock, and find out about their lives in eighteenth-century Cromford. Then use the craft resources and the source packs at the bottom of the page to learn more about textiles and the history of the site.

Meet the Mill Workers: Life at Cromford Mills

You can watch Meet the Mill Workers: Life in Cromford Village here

These source packs are designed for young historians to explore the past through sources relating to Cromford Mills, its workers, and its owner, Sir Richard Arkwright.

Use as standalone activities, or combine with a visit to the mill to fully immerse your students in the Industrial Revolution.

KS 1-2 Source Pack 1 Mill & Village

KS 1-2 Source Pack 2 Arkwright

KS 1-2 Source Pack 3 Workers

KS 1-2 Source Pack 4 Technology

KS 1-2 Teacher Sheets

KS 1-2 Topic Information

Click on Create and Learn to find our full range of mill-themed learning activities to do from home or school.

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