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Join our knowledgeable guides for a tour around the Mill and/or village. See history come to life in the Arkwright Experience or learn about the wider Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site in our Visitor Centre. We can tailor our tours to the specific needs of your group, to fit your topic or exam specification. Please get in touch to discuss your options.


Duration: 1-4 hours depending on your programme.

Suitable for: KS3, KS4 and 6th Form. We can currently take groups of up to 65 per day.

Structure: Fully led. There are also options for self-led elements.

Price: £7.50 per pupil for a full day. £5.50 per pupil for a half day.

Build your own Geography trip with our pick ‘n’ mix selection of activities to suit all topics. Brush up on your map skills, compare Cromford to your locality or learn new field skills. This visit can enrich your learning around Cromford Mills and Richard Arkwright, or act as a standalone day.

Curriculum Links:

This session supports the Geography curriculum as well as the Design and Technology curriculum and can be part of a local study. Pupils will:

“understand how human and physical processes interact to influence, and change landscapes, environments and the climate; and how human activity relies on effective functioning of natural systems” (Geography KS3)

“Identify significant events, make connections, draw contrasts, and analyse trends within periods and over long arcs of time.” (KS3 History)

“Build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality prototypes and products” (KS3 Design and Technology)

“Analyse the work of past and present professionals and others to develop and broaden their understanding” (KS3 Design & Technology)

Suitable for: 1 class of KS3 pupils.

Time: 5 hours.

Structure: Part-led. Can be fully led by Cromford Mills staff for an additional cost, please let us know when booking.

Price: £5.50 per child (£6.000 per child if you would like to visit the Arkwright Experience).

Cromford Geographers Programme



Download and use these source sheets to enrich your learning in the classroom!

Source Pack 1Opinions about Arkwright

Source Pack 2Child Workers

Source Pack 3Adverts

Source Pack 4Images of the Mills

Source Pack 5Transport

KS 3-4 Activity Sheets

KS 3-4 Information Sheets

KS 3-4 Teacher Sheets

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