Lumsdale Valley

The Lumsdale Valley is a site of national archaeological and historic importance. It is owned by the Arkwright Society, an educational charity devoted to the rescue of the industrial heritage buildings & associated landscape. The mills and the associated water management features form one of the best examples in Britain of a water-powered industrial archaeological site. Its uniqueness comes from seeing such an extensive use of waterpower in such a relatively small area, and in 2014, it was scheduled as an Ancient Monument by Historic England.

Unfortunately, there are still areas where serious structural issues are affecting the stability of the ruins and we must restrict access for safety reasons. Please help us to achieve this by not entering the fenced off areas until they have been made safe to re-open.

The Arkwright Society is currently raising funds for work in the valley, which includes stabilisation works to the buildings to safeguard visitors in the future, and you can help us by donating below.

The permissive path that runs through the mill ruins at the middle of the valley will be open from Monday at 9am to Friday at 8pm from 1st April 2022.  It will be closed at weekends and bank holidays, to give some protection to the unique mill ruins. This does not affect any Public Rights of Way that run through the rest of the valley.

Please be aware that if you do visit the valley:

Please help us to take care of this very special place for people, wildlife and history.

~ Keep to the paths    ~ Don’t climb on the ruins    ~ Please take your litter home with you

If you would like to contact us (office hours only), the email is:

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