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We want to make Cromford Mills as inclusive as possible, for all our visitors.

Home Educators

Cromford Mills is the perfect setting for an educational day out. Learn about waterpower, the Industrial Revolution, engineering and more.

Guide and Scout Groups

During the summer of 2021, to celebrate the launch of the Derbyshire Scouts Archaeology Badge, we are offering a free Cromford Mills badge to anyone who visits the Visitor Centre with a neckerchief.

Mill History

Cromford Mills, the world’s first successful water powered cotton spinning mill, was built in 1771 by Sir Richard Arkwright.

Create & Learn

Why not start the fun early with our selection of crafts and activities to do at home?

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Cromford Mills have developed a schools resource of high quality using methodology which acts as a model for all. The attention to detail, quality and best practice, which pervades the learning experience is admirable’.

– From Sandford Award judge’s citation

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