Access for All

Cromford Mills is a historic Grade 1 listed building, and we are sometimes constrained with what we can do to make our site accessible for all.

Most of the attractions that we have on site are accessible, but there are areas which may prove more challenging.

  1. Tickets can be purchased on-line and we operate a Carers Go Free policy.
  2. Accessible Parking spaces are located just outside the main Mill gates, and you can contact our main number if you require assistance. 01629 823256
  3. The yard and carpark surface consists of a mix of rolled limestone and stone cobbles, which is relatively flat, but it is not smooth and may occasionally produce a potential trip hazard.
  4. Dogs: Assistance dogs are catered for throughout the site including in the cafés.  The Beyond the Mill Walls meadow alongside the river can be used as a ‘spend area’, but you must pick up after your dog.  All dogs are welcomed on site, but policy varies between shops.
  5. Toilets: there are two accessible toilets on site, and also baby changing facilities.  Derbyshire County Council has provided a Changing Places toilet at the nearby Cromford Wharf  (just across the road from the main Cromford Mills Site).
  6. There are benches and picnic tables throughout the yard, and on the area Beyond the Mill Walls.
  7. Wi-Fi is available on site.  Mobile phone signal varies across the site.

We are proud to have won an Accessible Derbyshire Award for our Visitor Centre and Arkwright Experience.

For an in-depth descriptions of the entire site, please refer to our Visit England Accessibility Guide.

Other sites which may prove useful are:  Accessible Derbyshire  Derbyshire County Council Changing Places


Visitors with mobility impairment:

  • The main mill yard, carpark and the canal side site are all surfaced with a mix of rolled limestone and stone cobbles.  It is a relatively hard and flat surface, but it is not smooth. Most of the attractions that we have on site can be accessed with a wheelchair.  Some of the shops and Cafés have raised thresholds, but there are ramps installed.
  • We have two accessible toilets, and there is a Changing Places toilet across the road in the Derbyshire County Council Cromford Wharf  carpark.
  • We do have a wheelchair available to use (for a deposit) and there is a motorised scooter (Tramper) to hire in the Mill Shop.
  • There is a riverside walk and picnic area Beyond the Mill Walls. Some of the paths are made up of rolled limestone.  There are several accessible picnic benches.

Visitors with vision impairment:

  • Audio Guides are available for all visitors as part of the visitor offer.
  • There is an audio track for the videos in the Visitor Centre and the Arkwright Experience.
  • Visual contrast varies around the site but is very good in the Visitor Centre and Arkwright Experience.  Some of the shops also have fixtures and objects which may be restrictive for some visitors with vision impairment.
  • There is a tactile model of the DVMWHS in the Visitor Centre which vision impaired visitors can explore. Staff are on-hand to talk visitors through the various aspects of the model.
  • The Beyond the Mill Walls riverside area has tactile Chainsaw sculptures to explore.
  • Assistance dogs are welcomed on site, and the Beyond the Mill Walls area by the river provides a suitable dog ‘spend area’. Please pick up after your dog.
  • The yard surface consists of a mix of rolled limestone and stone cobbles, which is relatively flat, but there are one or two areas which may be a potential trip hazard.

Visitors with hearing impairment:

  • There are subtitles to the welcome video which plays in the entrance to the Visitor Centre / Arkwright Experience.
  • Pen and paper are readily available.

Visitors with autism:

  • If you visit our Cafés please let the staff know that you would like to be fast tracked through any queues. (There is a ceiling fan in Arkwright’s Café – please let us know if this needs to be switched off for you.)
  • In the Visitor Centre, you can ask for the Derwent Valley Mills film to be run without sound.
  • Wi-Fi is available on site.  Mobile phone signal varies across the site.
  • Booked tours to the Arkwright Experience can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual group.
  • There are some Sensory Toys available for sale in the shop.

Visitors with dementia:

  • Some staff and volunteers have received Dementia Friends training.
  • ‘Easy hold’ cutlery etc. in cafes