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The Master Plan

Image of Cromford Mills

The long term strategic plan for Cromford Mills

The Master Plan seeks to identify a realistic product mix for the comprehensive development of the site together with the mechanisms and route map required to achieve the Society’s overall vision and objectives.

Cromford already attracts significant visitor numbers even though its visitor facilities are limited and, given the international status and importance of the site, are clearly below the high standards which might normally be expected.

However, the overarching strategies of the World Heritage Site envisage Cromford Mills to be a multiuse sustainable built and cultural heritage destination.

Within this context, therefore, the Master Plan considers:

  • the future visitor offer at Cromford
  • the scale of heritage and visitor activity that the site can realistically offer (the capacity of the site)
  • the accommodation needed, and the location of each component, relative to the historic value of the buildings
  • the surplus accommodation and where it is located
  • the options for the use of the surplus space in relation to the potential market and the demand for the various potential uses identified
  • the need for the site to generate operational surpluses which can support the core activities and ensure its long term sustainability.

The full Master Plan comprises three volumes:

  • Volume 1 Master Plan
  • Volume 2 Technical Appendices
  • Volume 3 Heritage Impact Analysis

All are available on request.

The Executive Summary updates our proposals to December 2012 which reflects the work that has been undertaken over the past 18 months to bring the Master Plan to fruition including changes in phasing and costings. See below to view or download the document.