Arkwright Experience

Meet Sir Richard Arkwright himself inside the world’s first successful water powered cotton spinning mill with the award-winning Arkwright Experience where CGI technology brings the whole building to life.

Our volunteers will introduce you to Sir Richard Arkwright who then tells the story of how he went from humble beginnings to become the richest commoner in the country with tales of his inventions, cotton spinning empire and espionage, whilst the building comes to life in front of your eyes in this fantastic cinematic show inside the first mill.  Discover where the floors and machines once were and see the fascinating archaeological remains of the powerhouse that was the birthplace of mass production whilst our enthusiastic volunteers explain just how important this building was in kick starting the industrial revolution!

The Arkwright Experience is  accessible as part of the ‘Mill Manager’s Pass’ guided tours or with a special ticket that you can pickup from the Mill Shop during your visit.

Supported by the AIM Biffa Award National Heritage Landmark Partnership Scheme