A scheduled ancient monument consisting of a cascade of industrial mill ruins.

The Lumsdale Valley is a site of national archaeological and historic importance. It is owned by the Arkwright Society, an educational charity devoted to the rescue of the industrial heritage buildings & associated landscape. The mills and the associated water management features form one of the best examples in Great Britain of a water-powered industrial archaeological site.  Its uniqueness comes from seeing such an extensive use of water power in such a relatively small area. 

There is no designated parking in the Valley and vehicular access in the Valley is for residents only. Visitors are encouraged to park in Matlock town centre and walk to the Valley. There are also buses that run regularly along the Chesterfield Road (A 632) past the top of the Valley.   

Please take care when walking down through the Valley. The route is steep, muddy and uneven, with steps and some sharp drops to the sides.  Please keep to the paths.

There are no toilet/refreshment facilities or children’s play areas anywhere in the Valley. 

Picnicking, paddling, swimming and climbing in the Valley are not allowed due to the risk of damage to the fragile mill ruins and the natural environment.

Please help us to take care of this very special place by respecting the wildlife, keeping to the paths, not climbing on the ruins - and taking your litter home with you.

Photography in the Valley. The Lumsdale Valley Scheduled Monument and Conservation Area is the private property of the Arkwright Society - please do not undertake any photography for commercial purposes without prior permission from the Arkwright Society.