Dunsley Meadows and Slinter Woodland

Meander through Cromford Village along Water Lane towards the old corn mill and adjacent pond, where behind it you will find the steps leading up to Slinter Woodland.

Slinter Woodland is a beautiful landscape of ash trees and a rich flowering woodland floor.  A special tree of this woodland is the native large leaved lime, an indicator of ancient woodland.

Take the path that follows the famous Bonsall Brook (which supplied Cromford Mills) and discover old water features, the saw mill and more.  This area is abundant with wildlife and has been designated a Derbyshire Wildlife site, a Local Nature Reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation.

Dunsley meadows, which adjoin Slinter Wood, consist of seven small fields that once were part of the upland commons of the villages of Cromford and Middleton on which the villagers had grazing rights.  Wildflowers blossom along the wood-edge and the meadows are awash with colour throughout spring and summer.  Designated a County Wildlife Site by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, the old hay meadows became Derbyshire Dales District Council’s first Local Nature Reserve.

Follow a longer walking route towards Bonsall, or go back into Slinter Woods and climb the steep slope up through the woodland towards Rose End Meadows, then return to Cromford Mills via Cromford Hill.