Visiting the Valley

Image of a stream

Parking for Lumsdale is at the top of the Valley, in Upper Lumsdale, accessed from the Chesterfield Rd (A632).  There are parking spaces in the layby opposite the carpark entrance to Highfields Upper School. The recommended walking route down the valley, past the mill ponds, begins here.

Please note that there is no visitor parking within the Lumsdale Valley Conservation area, this includes the area surrounding the ponds, mills and waterfalls where vehicular access is restricted to residents of the valley only.  We ask visitors very kindly not to park at the bottom of the valley, where parking is extremely restricted.

The nearest bus stop is at the top of the Valley on the Chesterfield Rd (A632).  Buses from Matlock Town Centre and from Chesterfield stop here.

Access to and within the site is on foot only, with limited disabled access down through the gorge.  

The mills, ponds and waterfalls in the valley are in a listed conservation area. This area is cared for by the Arkwright Society Charity and a team of dedicated volunteers. Please respect the natural wildlife habitats and the woodland flora by keeping to the paths and not straying into other areas.  The mills have been standing for over 200 years and are scheduled ancient monuments, please help to preserve them for future generations by not climbing on the fragile remains.

There are no refreshment or toilet facilities in the valley. It also really helps the volunteers to keep Lumsdale tidy if you can take your litter home with you.