A Cat Comes to Cromford

Chapter 4


The cat needed somewhere to eat his sausages, and then he fancied a nap. As he walked through the marketplace, he saw some big green double doors. He could see a big fire inside.


The cat crept in quietly and curled up by the blazing fire. This would do nicely. He ate his sausages, tucked his tail around his nose, and fell fast asleep.




The cat leapt up in horror. What was this place?! A huge man had appeared in the room, with long sticks of metal. He was thrusting them in the fire and hitting them repeatedly.


The cat streaked between his legs and out of the door. What a scary place for a nap! He set off up the hill, determined to put as much space between him and the noisy man as possible.




Elements Beauty used to be the blacksmith’s workshop. You can still see where its big double doors were.


To follow the cat, head up The Hill until you get to the corner of North Street. The cat’s next stop is The Bell Inn. 


Your secret letter is O.


This is part of the Cromford Mills Story Trail: A Cat Comes to Cromford. For more information, visit https://www.cromfordmills.org.uk/event/a-cat-comes-to-cromford-story-trail/