In line with the national lockdown, Cromford Mills will remain closed to the public. The Counting House Coffee Stop will now also remain closed until the situation improves. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sci-Fi Model and Costume Display

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Enjoy a range of Gerry Anderson sci-fi models and displays from David Sisson at Cromford Mills. 

Free entry, 10am - 4pm

As well as detailed models, there will also be a variety of books, magazines and photos for visitors to browse. See the fantastic costumes and chat to the knowledgable exhibitors about all things sci-fi. 

About David Sisson - 

David Sisson grew up in the 1960s watching both the real-life Space Race to the Moon and enjoyed all the imaginative Gerry Anderson television shows. His interest began with the space adventures of Steve Zodiac in 'Fireball XL5' and peaked with the 1970s with the very expensive 'Space: 1999', which starred Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. 

Fascinated by how the shows were actually made, David began building science fiction model kits, but soon realised the limitations of small plastic kits after seeing some of the actual filming models on public display. Sadly Gerry Anderson never valued the models and puppets used to make his amazing television series and most were simply thrown away, or destroyed. So few items remain to be seen today, and those that do are very valuable and in private collections scattered around the World. 

David says - 

'Disappointed by the fact that I could not see (or possibly even buy) my favourite models I began to build my own reproductions, and have continued doing so for the last 40 years. Creating my own blueprints from studio photographs of the original models, and using the same toy and model kit parts that were originally used at the film studios, I strive to create new copies which are as exact as possible of all the classic television models of my childhood.'