Our cafes are open for takeaways and all of our fabulous independent shops are open! From Monday 17 May we are offering guided tours, including the Arkwright Experience, and you can sit inside our cafes again! Click Book Tickets for our guided tours.

May Half Term Family Activities

May Half Term Family Activities
Saturday, May 29, 2021 to Sunday, June 6, 2021

Our family activities this half term are themed around the Derwent Delights project and exploring the landscape of the Derwent Valley. Please note children must be accompanied at all times.

Derwent Delights

Come and see the vessels created by Miles Halpin, and meet the Meki Mekis inside them, created by Tan Draig as part of the Derwent Delights project, funded by The Great Place Scheme. Open 10-4 in the Education Room every day. More information here. Tan Draig and Sophie Sparham also created some beautiful craft and poetry worksheets, which you can download at the bottom of this page. The videos they reference can be found on the Derwent Valley Mills youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DerwentValleyMills

Meki Meki Trail

Oh no! Those naughty Meki Mekis have escaped from the vessels. Can you help us find them around the yard? They have each taken a secret letter – put them all together to work out the secret word, then collect your prize from the kiosk. Don’t forget to bring your own pencil!

Cat’s Riddles

Elijah is looking for Cat. Cat loves to roam the mill site, and has left Elijah clues. Can you help Elijah solve the clues to find Cat? There are a series of QR codes hidden around the mill site, each of which links to a riddle. Solve the riddles to find the location of the next QR code, until you find Cat! Download the map at the bottom of the page to help you, or pick one up from the entrance when you arrive.

First riddle:

Look for the water that rushes and roars
There’s no wheel now, no building, no doors
The ruins around you, they used to stand tall
Look on the railings, the clue is quite small.

This trail stretches the length of the mill site, from the yard to the church and river. It includes steep steps and is not suitable for wheelchair users or families with buggies. If you would like to do an accessible version of the trail, please skip clues 2 and 5 and instead ask at the green kiosk by the entrance for the next clue.